IFFCO bazar numbers inch to 500 figure!

Appearing like numerous bright spots on the Indian map, the cooperative titan IFFCO is inaugurating its Bazar (Sale-points) every other day with the total number reaching up to an impressive figure of 442 in an unexpected short period.

The latest in the series, as tweeted by the Co-operative Titan MD Dr U S Awasthi- are Parsathua and Kargahar in Rohtas district of Bihar and Thottiyam in Tiruchirapalli district of Tamil Nadu. It is obvious that the Bazars are spreading their wings from north to south and from east to west.

IFFCO Bazar is a one stop shop catering to the farmers’ requirements of fertilizers, seeds, agro chemicals, pesticides and agricultural tools etc.

“Congratulations @mrpatel1954 & team to open 3 more #IFFCO Bazar stores to serve the farmers. Parsathua & Kargahar in Rohtas, #Bihar and Thottiyam in Tiruchirapalli, #Tamilnadu. Now, There are 442 IFFCO Bazar stores in which 282 plus are company owned and 160 Franchise”, MD tweeted.

Presently, products being made available to the farmers include seeds, fertilizers, bio fertilizers, pesticide, bio stimulants, cattle feed etc. The facility of Soil testing is also provided through these Centers.

IFFCO Bazar also provides other Products & Services such as Health Check-up, Micro Banking, solar LED lights etc.

IFFCO Bazar has unveiled a Franchisee model and Kisan Mitra scheme to partner with the rural India and to promote Women Empowerment. These models have special Incentives for Women entrepreneurs, claims its website.

Several union ministers and state ministers regularly keep opening these centers as they seem to realize their political benefits in terms of votes.

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