ICA: Cooperators brace for Global Conference

Cooperators world over have packed their bags to attend International Co-operative Alliance’s Global Conference and General Assembly to be kicked off on Monday in Malaysia. Staying at different locations cooperators from India are filling the social media with their comments and photographs.

This Assembly is important as besides other things, ICA is going to elect a new Board. It bears recall that Aditya Yadav, IFFCO Director who was on the outgoing Board is again in the fray.

The Indian side is being represented pretty strongly with more than 100 cooperators attending the event. India has about 25 votes; IFFCO-10, NCUI-5, Kribhco-1, etc. Even the recently formed Nacof has a vote as has Fishcopfed and others.

The who’s who of Indian cooperative sector are present. While NCUI’s list includes GH Amin, VP Singh, Kiran Kaketi, Goan cooperator R G N Mule and Chief Executive N Satyanarayan, Chandra Pal Singh would be voting on behalf of Kribhco. Yadav is accompanied by Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Singh, Bijender Singh, V R Patel, Bhawar Singh Sekhawat, among others. IFFCO is also sending more than 50 cooperators, according to sources.

The biennial event will bring together delegates from around the world to explore how co-operatives can put people at the centre of development.

The event’ is structured around four broad themes: learn, experiment, network and explore.

The formal conference opens on Wednesday, 15 November, with a keynote speech by Dr Linda Yueh, who will provide a global outlook on economic, environmental and social challenges and the possible contributions of co-operatives in addressing them. Dr Yueh is a member of the World Economic Forum, a fellow in economics at Oxford University and adjunct professor at London Business School.

There will also be debates, workshops and networking sessions covering subjects such as ‘Building partnerships for the future’, ‘What is the Alliance’s member value?’ and ‘An analysis of contributions to citizens’ health by co-ops’.

On Friday the agenda will include the election of the Alliance Board, the approval of the 2016 accounts and appointment of the auditor and proposed amendments to articles and by-laws and motions on resolutions submitted.


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