ICA AP holds co-op conference in Colombo

Sri Lankan Minister of Industry and commerce Mr Abdu Rishad Bathiudeen addressed the opening session of Asia Pacific Cooperative Development conference kicked off on Monday in Colombo.

There are many co-organizers of the event such as ICA A-P, ICA EU, and National Co-operative Council-apex co-op body of Sri Lanka, among others.

The theme of the conference is “Building Multi-Stakeholders Partnerships on Sustainable Development” and it is spread to two days Mondayand Tuesday; that is 27-28 Feb, 2018.

The Conference aims at strategic dialogue among stakeholders on development policy in the pursuit of Sustainable Development. It had sessions on Eradicating Poverty: Opportunity, Protection and Empowerment and Building a more Sustainable Food System: Hunger, Food Security and Livelihoods.

It would also take up issues like Improving Access to Basic Goods & Services: Economic, Social and Cultural aspects; Protecting the Environment: Concern for Community along with working sessions on the three Asia Pacific Strategic Development Priorities namely, Sustainable Development Goals; Youth Inclusion and Exploring ‘Work’ and ‘Ownership’ Structures in Co-operatives.

The opening address of the Conference was delivered by Abdul Rishad Bathiudeen, Minister of Industry and Commerce, Sri Lanka. The opening ceremony was also addressed by likes of Milinda Rajapaksa, Visiting Lecturer, University of Kelaniya, Ms. Shainujaa Inpanathan, Member and others.

The two-day conference is being attended by participants from 23 countries, and from international agencies like the ILO, UNDESA and others.

NCUI President Chandra Pal Singh who is also the Vice-Chairman of ICA A-P was also there accompanied by cooperators including NAFSCOB Chairman Dileep Sanghani, Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Kumar Singh and others.

Balu Iyer, RD, ICA-AP coordinated the meeting.

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