Uttarakhand: Preparations afoot for PACS elections

Stumped by the order of the High Court, Uttarakhand state election authority has swung into action and has got down to work out the nitty-gritty of organizing elections to PACS. Accepting the argument of PACS, the High Court has asked the state government to hold elections to these societies in three months.

In its verdict, the high court said PACS Chairmen (Outgoing Chairmen) will remain in office along with administrators appointed in these societies till the election process is over.

It bears recall that after Uttarakhand PACS’ office bearers’ terms of office ended in March, the state government appointed Administrators in all these societies without bothering to carry out the election process. However, the government move has angered many cooperative leaders in the state.

Talking to Indian Cooperative, a cooperator said agitated over the issue, PACS have knocked at the door of the High Court of Uttarakhand to challenge the government action.

As per the 97th Constitutional amendment, elections are mandatory after every 5 years and therefore the government move does not stand to scrutiny, he said.

After assuming office, the BJP government has amended the Bye-laws of these PACS. Earlier, there would be one government nominee on the board but now there are two. Apart from effecting many changes, the new government has rechristened PACS Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society.

It is worth a mention that most of PACS are controlled by the Congress party but BJP is trying to gain the upper hand. There are about 750 PACS in the state.

Incidentally, DCCBs elections are due in June when elections to cooperative federations and cooperative banks as well will be conducted.

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