PM confirms his participation in Inamdar centenary

The good news is finally here! Prime Minister Narendra Modi has finally confirmed his participation in the Laxman Rao Inamdar Centenary celebrations slated for September 21 in Vigyan Bhawan in Delhi.

Prime Minister Modi agreeing to attend the celebrations has made it into an event in which everybody would like to go. But the limited capacity of Vigyan Bhawan poses a problem, say organizers without wishing to be named.

According to reports, close to half a dozen ministers’ participation is likely to cause a scramble for seats on the dais. Who’s who of the co-operative world may have to be content with seats in the front row as Modi and his Ministers would throng the stage, said a cooperator.

Cooperators even feared that the chief of cooperative movement in the country Chandra Pal Singh may not get a seat on the dais, though one from among Sahakar Bharati functionaries -either Satish Marathe-the patron or its President Jyotindra Mehta would get a seat.

It would perhaps be the first time that a cooperative function is being held at the prestigious venue. Inamdar is not only the founder of Sahakar Bharati but is also the one to have coined the slogan “bina sansakar nahi sahakar” (cooperation is not possible without moral integrity), reminded Sahakar Bharati officials to this correspondent.

Majority of co-ops invited are multi state co-operatives active both at state and central level. Mrs Upama Srivastava, Additional Secretary is overseeing the preparations while co-operative bodies such as Sahakar Baharati, NCUI and NCDC are assisting her.

Besides Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Radha Mohan Singh, Suresh Prabhu and Nitin Gadkari are expected to attend the show.

Two books brought out by NCUI are also to be released on the occasion- one on the cooperative movement and the second one in Hindi on Late Laxmanrao Inamdar.

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