Image makeover: VC for transparency in financial affairs in co-ops

Inaugurating Refresher Course on Cooperative Policy and Development for faculty of Indian Universities/Colleges at NCCE, New Delhi, NCUI chief executive N.Satyanarayana said agricultural cooperatives do not seek profits but render selfless and sincere services to their members. He added that these cooperatives could help farmers fix many of their problems such as lack of marketing facilities, provision of information about pricing at national and international levels and lack of transportation.

The National Center for Cooperative Education, New Delhi had recently organised the event.

The course was intended to provide opportunities to faculty members, research scholars and the members who are working with cooperatives to improve their knowledge in the field of cooperatives. Altogether, 28 participants from different disciplines and states of India participated in the program.

Delivering his keynote address, Prof. K.K. Agrawal vice-chancellor, Kumar Manglam University underscored the value of cooperation in all sectors of life. He called for refurbishing the image of cooperatives and suggested this could be achieved only by increasing transparency in financial affairs. He also pointed out that cooperatives have the potential to accomplish a great deal.

Speaking in various sessions held during the course, experts discussed immense possibilities cooperative offers for bringing about transformation in various fields of economy. They also talked about steps that could be taken to strengthen the cooperative movement in the country.

On this occasion, Ms. Anitha Chowdhari gave an introduction about IFFCO. According to her, sincee inception IFFCO has consistently followed transparent, democratic and professional practices in corporate governance. IFFCO has carved out a strong “cooperative identity’ and is making sincere efforts to uphold the ‘cooperative values’ by cherishing the ‘cooperative principles, she said.

In one of the technical sessions, Sanjay Verma Dy Director NCUI gave a lecture on ”The role of Media in Cooperatives”. He said media and cooperatives are a subject that deserves much more attention it does. He urged academic faculties to encourage students into taking up researches on media and cooperatives.

Dr.A.R.Srinath Dy.Director, NCCE coordinated and executed the program. Dr. G.S. Azad Consultant NCUI proposed a vote of thanks.