IFFCO’s e-bazar ushering in rural revolution: Sunil

Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Kumar Singh inaugurated IFFCO’s e-bazar in Rampur Kalan village of Nagra in Saran district of Bihar in the presence of IFFCO Bihar State Manager Ajay Singh and others. “Farmers of the area would not have to suffer at the hands of black-marketers any more”, declared Sunil Singh on the occasion.

The farmers’ cooperative IFFCO is ushering in a quiet revolution in rural Bihar through its e-Bazars which are doubling up as training centre and health centre besides selling fertilizer and pesticides.

Declaring Biscomaun is committed to fighting hoarding and black marketing of urea in the state Sunil said e-bajar would not only sell urea at the prescribed rates but would also sell many other products such as pesticides for the benefit of farmers.

“You just have to come to this one stop shop and all your agricultural related needs would be taken care of” said Sunil. The event was covered by several local dailies as well as Enadu TV Bihar.

Explaining the importance of e-bazar at their doors Ajay Singh, IFFCO State Manager told farmers “the Bajar would also teach you new techniques of farming as being popularized by our MD Dr U S Awasthi across the country.“

“The e-bajar could be a potential game changer for Bihar as it plans to organize monthly meetings with the farmers; it would indeed awaken the farming community and I salute Dr Awasthi for the novelty of the concept”, added Biscomaun Chairman.

The E-bajar would provide basic medical facilities as well, where farmers can get their health checked up- a big move as far as primary health care is concerned, said Sunil.

IFFCO has so far opened 38 such bajars in the state and very soon we hope to have two more, said State Manager Mr Ajay Singh. “In the first phase the head office has mandated us to set up 50 e-bazars and we would achieve it sooner than later”, added State Manager Singh.

“We also organized mega health campaign on the occasion, in which power lenses and specs were distributed to farmers of more than 40 villages; the centre has also qualified sales men such as agri- graduates to answer queries of farmers”, Singh said explaining the uniqueness of the e-bajar in Saran.

Biscomaun alone has opened 105 selling points of IFFCO fertilizer across districts of the state. “We guarantee to provide urea at the most reasonable rate and I have even given my mobile number in very newspaper for farmers, should anyone shortchange them, “said Biscomaun Chairman.

More than 500 farmers and several representatives of PACS and Vyapar mandals attended the event.


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  4. Arvind Kumar Yadav

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