Social media: Indian Cooperative grows by 69%

The bilingual portal -Indian Cooperative with its Hindi version Bharatiya Sahakarita- has been offering news and analyses on the country’s cooperative sector with unfailing regularity for the last seven years. Meanwhile, what has particularly encouraged the editorial team’ is the latest FB data showing our portal’s high visibility on Face Book and Twitter.

Per the FB data, the portal’s weekly reach has grown by 68.5 per cent and the number of people getting engaged with the page registered a growth of 76.7 per cent. The FB also mentions 23 per cent growth in the page visit in the last week alone.

Seven years on, both Hindi and English portals are being accessed by people not only in India but worldwide. The editorial team puts in extra efforts to purvey a blend of local, national and global fares. An analysis of its viewers data shows out of 100 visitors at any point of time, 60 belonging to India, 20 to USA and the remaining 20 to the countries of Europe, Africa and Middle-East.

The news on cooperatives has traditionally been presented in the form of book keeping and accountancy which repels the readers.With a view to steering clear of this uninviting overly mathematical presentation, we at Indiancooperative offer descriptive pieces larded with comments. And it is this little innovation that has given us an edge over the mainstream media in reporting about the cooperative sector says our Editor Ajay Jha.

Creating a platform to strengthen the cooperative movement is the main driving force of this portal. We may appear criticizing a part of the sector at times but it is aimed more at self-correction than damaging the movement, clarified Jha when asked about the portal pulling no punches in criticism of imperfections in the cooperative world.

That said, we never let go any chances of lauding cooperators who put in their best to strengthen the sector, Jha concluded.

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