UP: How a cooperator is prevented from contesting!

A disturbing news item related to Uttar Pradesh co-op elections currently underway in the state has come from Mirpur Kala tehsil of Hapur district. Yogendra Singh of Krishak Sewa Sahkari Samiti who got elected as one of the Directors was denied a chance to fight for the post of Chairman.

Narrating his tale with the supporting documents Yogendra Singh told Indian Cooperative that he was elected as one of the Directors on 29th January and the election for Chairman was scheduled the next day that is on 30th January.

No sooner had the day broken than he found five police vehicles led by Pilkhua CO and Hafijpur SO landing at his residence. “They held me captive and did not allow me to file nomination. They released me only in the evening when the time for filing nomination was over”, said Yogendra.

”Out of nine Directors, six were in my favor and my election as the Chairman was a certainty and this was precisely why I was held, making a mockery of the concept of democracy in cooperatives,” said Yogendra.

I emailed my woes to everyone from DM to CM to Election Commission but it was of little avail, Singh said showing mails sent earlier.

Strange that when I went to the District Assistant Registrar of co-ops Mr Devendra Singh to seek probe and arbitration in the matter he refused to entertain me. He also did not accept Rs 1000 which is deposited as fees for seeking arbitration forcing me to knock at DM’s door. “You go to DM or Commissioner, I am not going to accept arbitration fees from you, said the officer acting at the behest of the ruling party”, charged Singh.

“To tell you the truth arbitration fees were accepted only when the court intervened. On my appeal the Lucknow bench of High Court ordered the District Magistrate to accept arbitration fees on 9th February”, narrated Singh his heroic fight against govt. high-handedness.

“Fees have been accepted by the DM but the files have yet to move; no date has been given yet”, is this democracy said a dismayed Yogendra.

Yogendra, meanwhile, has become a hero for local media which are splashing his stories boldly in the dailies with catchy headlines.




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