Bhopal Milk Fed: Mastan goes, administrator takes over

The board of Bhopal Milk Federation has been dissolved. The cooperative department has issued an order in this connection. Mastan Singh Rajput who had been elected chairman about 7 months ago is no more Chairman of the co-op federation.

After the dissolution of the board, Aruna Gupta MD of MP State Cooperative Dairy Federation will take over as the administrator. The board’s tenure had ended on 25th October. In 2012, the board had been elected and there were 11 members on it.

The federation got two chairmen in 5 years. Former chairman Dharam Verma had been removed from his position following the High Court’s order in the wake of controversy about his tenure.

The two directors Girish Paliwal and Mastan Singh Rajput had filed a petition in the High Court challenging Verma’s tenure. About 7 months ago, Mastan Singh Rajput had been elected chairman.

Now, Rajput will also cease to be the chairman. When will elections be held for the board? It is yet to be decided. The registrar of Cooperative Societies is likely to issue an order to end the board imbroglio.

Bhopal Milk Federation has under it areas including Bhopal, Seohar, Vidisha, Rajgarh, Raisen, Guna, Hoshnagabad and others.

At its dairy plant Bhopal Milk Federation produces 3 lakh liters milk every day while its at its mini plants and Baitul and Sagar 0.50 lakh liters of mil are produced per day.

Being marketed in the name of Sanchi Bhopal Milk Federation produces several dairy products including Peda, shreekhand, cottage cheese etc, besides milk and curd.


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