What youth think about co-op: Watch the video

Indian Cooperative tried to find out what the youths of today think about cooperatives: if they have heard about them and the general impression the brand cooperative makes on them.

The reporter Rohit Gupta tried to find out if the efforts of cooperative leaders to motivate youth to connect with cooperatives have succeeded.

While some point blank said they have not heard about cooperatives others say cooperative is a model that brings people together for a common good.

But the most startling reply came from a respondent who said she heard about cooperatives when they were in the cross-hairs for their cynical involvement in money laundering in the wake of demonetization. She wondered if cooperative leaders would do something about it.

The only relieving revelation was most of the youths have heard about the two major cooperative brands –Amul and IFFCO and seem to recognize their achievements.

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