Supporting co-ops: Modi govt as callous as UPA

The high hopes cooperators of the country had pinned on the NDA govt led by Narendra Modi are proving illusory. That the attitude of the present govt towards the cooperative movement is no different has begun dawning on them.

Cooperators Indian Cooperative talked to were nostalgic about India’s first Prime Minister Jawahar Lal Nehru whom ”they called the only true leader wedded to the cause of the cooperative movement. And the vast network of co-ops in the country that you see today is because of him” they reminded this correspondent.

Left to subsequent govts-Congress or BJP- cooperative would die a natural death-the latest case being a proposed bill on unregulated deposits which is a sure recipe for disaster for multi-state credit co-ops in the country.

There are many other cases cynics point out as the examples of the Modi govt betraying disdain for the cooperative movement. Take the case of NCUI’s international cooperative event held earlier. Several top cooperative leaders including Dileep Sanghani and GH Amin have requested the Prime Minister to participate but Modi did not oblige.

Modi had though agreed to participate through video-conferencing in a Sahakar Bharati function to commemorate the anniversary of Inamdar-the founder of Sahakar Bharati, but the sudden escalation of tension on Indo-Pal border compelled him to cancel it.

But the same Sahakar Bharati has failed so far to convince the Modi govt to change its stand IT Exemption and host of issues including the current crisis in co-op banks in the wake of demonetization. Holding a well-attended seminar at NCUI auditorium Sahakar Bharati had threatened to launch a massive protest against the govt. Its President Jyotindra Mehta very aptly said ” there is nothing like a favourable govt when it comes to strengthening the cooperative movement”.

On other issues such as the 97th CAA this govt has done little to cheer up the ailing sector. Cooperative leaders banged their heads before score of ministers including Arun Jaitley and argued for IT relief to co-operatives and justifying relief on the basis of their efforts to take the downtrodden on board but to no avail.

On the issue of the 97th CAA it defies one’s comprehension why the govt is not able to push it through the legal wrangles in which it is presently caught. It is a classic case of lack of will on the part of the govt, they aver.

Despite the basic issues staring in the face of the cooperative movement Union ministers are busy throughout the day twitting their achievements as if the people do not understand. “Ye public hai sab janati hai” (people are smart enough to know everything), commented a seasoned cooperator.

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