RJD ouster: Tough time ahead for Biscomaun Chairman?

The sudden turn of events Wednesday evening in Patna has not only triggered the reconfiguration of Bihar’s politics but also threatened a new equation in the state’ cooperative world. The leaders and especially Biscomaun’s Chairman Sunil Singh are sure to witness tough days ahead as their patron Laloo Yadav’s political future is in tatters now.

While Biscomaun Chairman Sunil Singh is not picking up phones, his rival Vishal Singh is holding intense consultations with his supporters. “Many people have come from our constituency; excuse me for a while, I want to talk to you in detail”, said Vishal to this correspondent Thursday morning.

Thursday morning in a swift development Nitish Kumar took oath at 10am as the CM while Sushil Kumar Modi was sworn-in as the deputy CM of Bihar. The fast-paced political development left Tejashwi out of the govt, and Lalu Yadav in the wilderness.

Earlier, Wednesday evening Nitish Kumar announced his resignation after meeting Governor Keshri Nath Tripathi over corruption charges against Tejashwi Yadav.

Biscomaun Chairman who never made bones about his loyalty to Lalu Yadav had a tough sailing in the last regime of JDU-BJP. Sources say the resurgent BJP would try again to capture Biscomaun by dislodging Sunil Singh from the Chairmanship.

BJP has a willing partner in Vishal Singh,the scion of legendary cooperator Tapeshwer Babu. Vishal may be down but not out of the race yet, say his associates. First, he has a legacy and second his men still control the state cooperative union- the main cooperative body of Bihar.

Vishal camp has always been claiming that Sunil Singh is no more than a paper tiger and the actual support from grass-roots cooperators are with Vishal Singh. Vishal’s mother had been a JDU MP in the past.

Earlier, Sunil Singh had entered into a rather nasty fight with then Cooperative Minister Ramadhar Singh challenging even his basic literacy :“I will resign from the Chairmanship if the minister Ramadhar Singh could spell out the full form of BISCOMAUN”, Sunil Singh had said.

Even during the Mahagathabandhan era, his relationship with JDU was not smooth. In a mega cooperative conference he had organized CM Nitish Kumar and his ministerial colleagues from JDU did not participate. RJD Ministers including its chieftain Laloo Prasad had indeed come. Even Radha Mohan union minister had participated in the show. Later Sunil took all the cooperators including NCUI President to Laloo’s house over a cup of tea, underlining once again his proximity with the Yadav leader.

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