PM urges co-ops to partner with govt to boost growth

Addressing tribal associated with milk cooperatives at Sumul Golden Jubilee Celebrations in South Gujarat, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said cooperatives could span diverse fields including solar power. “If there can be milk cooperative, why not a solar power cooperative with villagers?, he asked.

Urging the farmers to partner with the state in generation of power, Modi said, “Farmers can install solar panels on their farm borders. They can produce power, which the Gujarat government can purchase.

The Prime Minister also wanted milk cooperatives run by women to take up honey production, say media reports. The milk vans can collect the honey along with milk”, said Modi.

The Prime Minister not only praised cooperatives’ contribution in the development of Gujarat but also their ability to blend their activities with the govt schemes and efforts.

The Prime Minister also urged cooperatives to join their hands together with the government to implement various development schemes. He inaugurated a cattle feed factory, ice cream plant and a honey plant, besides laying the foundation stone for a fully-automated plant for milk powder and a bakery plant.

A large number of women had turned up to welcome and applaud the Prime Minister.


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