Paswan effect: NCCF springs surprise, earns profit

After a long time, the apex consumer cooperative body in the country NCCF has had a remarkable turnaround covering its losses and earning profit to the tune of Rs 7.70 crore. Taking majority of its 29 branches out of the woods it converted 18 of them into profit-making units this year.

As delegates heaved a sigh of relief at the good news, NCCF Chairman thanked everyone from the Minister to NCCF staff-members to delegates for helping NCCF achieve this milestone.

The NCCF turnaround proves once again that whenever the Ministry extends unhindered support, a well-meaning cooperative leadership can do wonders. NCCF is lucky to have Ram Vilas Paswan as their Union Minister who is ever eager to help co-operative flourish, say observers. “Minister has been very supportive”, he added.

Attending NCCF’s AGM in person, Paswan said he is ready to do everything for consumer cooperatives. When urged to allow NCCF to have an outlet in Krishi Bhawan on the lines of Nafed, Paswan said “why did you not tell me earlier, I am going to write letter shortly”.

He also invited the NCCF Board members to come and sit with him where he would call senior Ministry officials and a strategy to expand NCCF business would be worked out. Earlier, with the help of the Minister NCCF was able to get paddy procurement jobs in some states. Vijender requested some more work to which Pawan replied in the affirmative.

The Minister also reminded the delegates that they are the real assets and if they have strong will nothing can stop them from achieving their goal; the ministry is with you, he assured.

Paswan also lauded the role of NCCF in providing pulses and tomatoes at the time of crisis to people at reasonable prices. He also appreciated the swatchata campaign and digital drive undertaken by NCCF recently. Pawan earlier inaugurated the renovated NCCF office on NCUI campus.

Speaking on the occasion Chandra Pal Singh Yadav who is also on the board of NCCF said that one is fortunate if he has an advocate like Mr Paswan to fight his case. “You travel extra mile once you decide on a course of action”, Yadav said praising Paswan’s steadfastness.

As the atmosphere was charged with optimism in the wake of profit-earning by the apex body, it also announced rewards for employees of profit-making branches. The employees of top four branches would get Rs 21 thousand each while those of remaining 14 branches would get Rs 10000 each, announced the Chairman.

“Those retiring from NCCF would get their pension fixed by giving them one-notch promotion. They would also be getting Rs 50 thousand over and above their dues”, Bijender said underlining the employee-friendly approach of the cooperative body.

Vice-Chairman Birender Singh proposed a vote of thanks.

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