Co-op Day celebrations spread to PACS

It is heartening news that even Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Societies have begun to celebrate the International Cooperative Day in the country. Aware of the great legacy of the cooperative movement, Nunna Primary Agricultural Cooperative Credit Society based in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh hoisted the cooperative flag on this occasion in this series, according to reports coming from AP.

P Sambi Reddy, President of Nunna PACS, hoisted the Cooperative Flag and explained the importance of International Cooperative Day to the assembled members of the cooperative fraternity.

A press release from the PACS read” As per guidelines issued by the NCUI and A P State Cooperative Union Ltd., 95th International Cooperative Day and 23rd United Nations International Day of Cooperatives were celebrated on 1st July, 2017.”

Reddy noted the theme of the International Co-op Day “Cooperatives ensure no one is left behind” and explained its meaning to not so well educated an audience.

T.Somla, Principal, Cooperative Training Centre, Vijayawada and N.Satyanarayana Reddy, Assistant Registrar/Faculty were also present on the occasion. Somla said cooperative is added to the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity by the UNESCO underlining its importance.

Besides, the members and Directors of the Society, K.B.RangaRaju, Educational Officer participated in the function.

International Cooperative Day is an event which is celebrated across the world by both small and large cooperatives with a pledge to promote the cooperative movement. Initiated by ICA and United Nations, the Day is dedicated to strengthening the cooperative movement worldwide.

NCUI organized a talk on the subject this year” Co-operatives ensure no-one is left behind” by inviting several guest speakers. Road shows, cooperative campaigns and messages from UN and ICA form part of the event.

The theme of the year was chosen to call on cooperatives across the world to reflect on the misery caused by rising inequality and recommit to ensuring equality across communities regardless of race, gender, culture, social background or economic circumstances and celebrating the contributions of cooperatives in making the world a better place.

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