Campco Board welcomes GST with open arms

The implementation of GST from 1st July, 2017 has been welcomed with open arms by S.R.Satishchandra, President and the Board of Management of CAMPCO, Mangaluru.

“GST will become one of the biggest fiscal reforms that our country has witnessed. Due to this paradigm shift, the business sector will have a tremendous impact”, Campco President said by mailing a press release on the issue.

One Country, Unified Tax rate will definitely boost Cooperatives and especially the Agriculture Sector. Areca growers will look forward to better days with stability in prices, the release added.

Digitalization, taxation simplification, etc. will all create a favorable environment for better business. Removal of various taxes, especially in Kerala where there is no APMC Fee will help the Areca Growers. In Karnataka if the State Government could make the APMC Market Fee at par with the neigbouring States would be of great help, it underlines.

Overall, the Board of Management expressed that the implementation of GST, in the long run would definitely benefit the farmers as there will be a single unified National Agriculture Market, the release said.

GST would ensure that Farmers in India, who contribute the most to GDP, will be able to sell their produce for the best available price.

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