Bio-fertilizer: Rubber man of Asia forays into co-op

The Rubber Man of Asia and the owner of famed Fishfa Rubbers – the largest exporter of reclaimed rubber Kanjibhai Kalavadia is foraying into the field of bio-fertilizer with a product unheard of so far in the country. And he is instrumentalizing a multi-state cooperative for the purpose.

“I have earned a lot of money and now I wish to do something for the farmers”, Kanjibhai who felicitated NCUI President on his election to ICA during his recent visit to Rajkot said to Indian Cooperative. ”We have launched a product which will prove a sovereign remedy for all problems crops face in the field,” he added.

Utilizing the technique of what is known as Lyophilization his cooperative named Nano Agro Science Co-operative Society (NASCO) is producing powdered organic fertilizer packed neatly in a container which may last for years unlike liquid bio-fertilizers. A gram is enough for one acre of land, Kalavadia claimed.

Nobody has ever used this technique in the field of fertilizer as it is mostly used in life-saving drugs; we used it after extensive scientific consultations and lots of research, he stated. It would usher in second green revolution, he said while preparing to present his product first to Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh and later to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Junior Minister Parshottam Rupala has already seen the product and has gone gaga over this, he said.

Elaborating on the benefits of his powdered product Kalavadia said mixing of different types of bacteria is not possible in liquid bio-fertilizers but in this we can easily mix all kinds of bacteria and they are preserved till the end. As of now, he is producing enough to be used in 23 thousand hectares but planning to increase the production in the next days.

Out of 2000 liters of liquid just a kilogram of powder is made. But it is said to be five times more effective if it can be used through drip irrigation or through sprinkling from tank reservoir. The bacteria come to life as soon as they come into contact with the water, he explained.

A pharmacist by training Kalavadia recounts the idea of starting this project and remembers his late friend Ramnikbhai Dhami. A respected name in the cooperative circles the senior Dhami was also the Vice-Chairman of KRIBHCO, Director at IFFCO and at NAFCUB. He was often praised as a model cooperator by then Chief Minister Narendra Modi, say his friends.

The original idea was conceived by Ramnikbhai Dhami who goaded his long-standing friend Kalavadia to take a plunge. Together in the late 2012 they held an international seminar of scientists in which more than 15 researchers participated from abroad. It took nearly four years for the product to hit the shelf, said Kalavadia. “Even today his son Kamal Dhami is with me; he is one of the directors on the board of NASCO”, he said.

Launched this year only the product is already getting raving reviews. Launched in a few states to begin with, this bio-fertilizer is able to increase the production multifolds, claims Kanjhibhai. “We have received encouraging feedback from the fields of grape production in Maharashtra. Also this product is proving wonderful in the farming of cloves and coconut in the southern states as the field reports suggest”, underlined Kanjibhai.

As of now, it has been launched in the states of Gujarat, West Bengal, Tripura and Madhya Pradesh. We are soon going to cover Punjab and Uttar Pradesh, informed the Chairman of NASCO. There is a report that its use also dispels the insects from plants, averred the Chairman.

“I have already earned enough and mercantilism is not what has brought me here to the cooperative fold: it is to fulfill the wish of my friend (Late Ramnikbhai Dhami) and a deeper wish to do something for farmers. Money will come any way”, Kanjibhai said with a nonchalant shrug.