Cooperators hail World Milk Day

Cooperators and especially the dairy cooperators celebrated World Milk Day with great fervor across the country on June 1. During World Milk Day Celebrations at Pusa, New Delhi Union Minister Radha Mohan Singh said that it is a matter of pride that the country has been leading the world in milk production and all this is due to the hard work of dairy farmers.

R S Sodhi, Managing Director of GCMMF-owner of brand Amul retweeted an apt topical “Milk le, Milk Day. Sodhi also retweeted Shankar Chaudhary who wrote” World Milk Day brings great news for the Banas Dairy family. NDDB felicitates the dairy with an award in the category of ‘Dairy Plant Management. The award displays our commitment to provide best quality milk products to the people of the nation and abroad.”

IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi also greeted people on the Milk Day “My best wishes to the dairy farmers on #WorldMilkDay. It’s important to celebrate the contribution of enterprising dairy farmers who are contributing in this white revolution. #Milk plays a vital role in our lives with vital nutrients required for our body. Keep drinking #milk.

In recent years milk production has increased by 23.69% during the period 2014-18 in the country. Annual increase in milk production is 6.3% during the period 2014-18 while annual increase in milk production during the period 2010-14 was 4%, Minister said patting his govt’s efforts in this field.

At the Pusa Road function Union Minister Radha Mohan  Singh stated that during the last four years under Rashtriya Gokul Mission 20 Gokul Grams have been sanctioned and out of this 3 have been completed and work is under progress at remaining 17 gokul grams.

Two National Kamdhenu Breeding Centres one in southern India in Andhra Pradesh at Chintaladevi and other in northern India in Madhya Pradesh at Itarsi are being established. Work at AP has been completed and work is under progress at Itarsi MP, Singh added.

Under advanced reproductive techniques, 20 Embryo Transfer centres are being established against which proposals for 18 centres have been approved.  10 semen centres have been identified for production of Sex Sorted Semen. Two proposals have been sanctioned. With this more female animals would be produced that would help in raising milk production farmers income.

He also informed E Pashu Haat Portal has been developed and a till date on e pashu haat portal total of 7.63 Crore Semen doses has been produced, 5.57 Crore semen doses have been sold and information about  80,059 Live Animals is available on the portal.

Dairy Entrepreneurship Development Scheme has a provision to provide financial assistance for generating self-employment opportunities in various activities. Under the scheme, 3,30,125 dairy units have been set up so far for which Rs. 1338.31 crore subsidy has been provided by the Government of India. It has benefited about 6.60 lakh beneficiaries.

Singh stated that from current year “Dairy Processing and Infrastructure Development Fund (DIDF)” with a total outlay of Rs.10881 Crore where Cooperatives will be provided loans at 6.5% annual interest to be repaid within a period of 10 years has been launched.

Govt is also focusing on a provision for 28000 electronic milk adulteration testing equipment and the facilities to convert 60 lakh liters of milk per day into value-added milk products. So far during current year, 10 projects of Rs. 1148 crore have been approved.

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