Amul-HuL row: Hearing continues so does the advt

The ongoing hearing in the matter of Amul advertisement remained inconclusive even as the Bombay High Court has asked whether the Amul ice cream advertisement can say ‘vanaspati oil yani vegetable oil’.

The advertisement, will continue to be aired, as the court passed no immediate order to stay it, and will hear both sides in the coming days.

Hindustan Unilever has challenged the Amul advertisement saying it urges viewers not to eat products that contain vanaspati oil. The HUL sells a number of frozen desserts containing the suspect oil.

Amul has said that its advertisement doesn’t disparage HUL’s frozen desserts.

Amul counsel told the court, the Oxford dictionary says vanaspati tel is vegetable oil, an ingredient which HUL admits its frozen desserts contain.

Earlier, HUL counsel had argued that the Amul commercial disparages their Quality Walls frozen dessert by saying it contains Vanaspati tel with an intention to imply that frozen dessert is harmful for health.


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