Query of Pamarthi Kanakaraja

I am from Vijayawada Andhra Pradesh, sir I purchased a penthouse in a group house. We are facing problem with parking although parking place is alloted by our builder in the registration document the other flats people are objecting that penthouse flats are not alloted with parking. Sir I don’t know about the rules of parking will you please send me mail about the parking issue.

I C Naik

The information provided by you is inadequate to provide appropriate guidance. I will however try.

I take it that “ a group house” means a co-operative housing society registered under the State cooperative societies Act.

For registration of housing society an application has to be made as provided in A.P. Co-operative Societies Act, 2010.

Relevant portion is extracted below.

The application shall be accompanied by:

four copies of the proposed byelaws of the Co-operative society duly signed by each of the persons by whom or on whose behalf such application is made duly incorporating therein the core services of the proposed co-operative society  in its objects;

 bye laws referred to above are defined by the Act as under:

 “bye-laws” means the bye-laws of a co-operative society as originally registered or deemed to have been registered under this Act   for the time being in force and includes amendments thereto which have been duly registered or deemed to have been registered under this Act;

Section 16(1) as reproduced below is quite relevant to this question:

Except on such specific matters which the Act has provided for and which the byelaws may further regulate on but not contravene, the functions of every co-operative society shall be regulated by its byelaw.

Also note sub-section 5 has 69 matters to be provided in the bye-laws.

So have a look at registered bye-laws of your housing society to find out provisions on Parking.