Query of Yatin Yadav

I want to open multi state credit co op soc or co op bank.
Which will easy & quick by your prospectus.

I want to know how much investment & time need for approval for both of them.

What r the difference between their work.

Can multistate credit soc offer services like Rtgs Neft imps or UPI to their account holders like co op , private bank can offer?

 I C Naik

Whether a Bank or Credit Society most important is Central Registrar needs to be satisfied about the economic feasibility of the Proposed Organisation.

You should prepare a Project Report with a focus on Financial Success over 2-3 years’ operations.

Once that is ready for in principle clearance send it to the following Authority with consent of 50 persons from each state  of operations

The Central Registrar, Dr. Ashish Kumar Bhutani  – Joint Secretary ( Credit & Coop)

Room Number – 224,

Department of Agriculture & Cooperation

Ministry of Agriculture, Krishi Bhawan.

New Delhi, PIN – 110 001.

Mail id – ashishbhutani@gmail.com,  phone – 011 – 23389208

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