Query of Shweta Pendse

State- Maharashtra ; Reg. No.- RGD/PWL/HSG/TC/1446/96-97

This is regarding the unfair practices followed by managing committee in redevelopment process of our CHS. We have only 12 flats in our CHS. Out of which 5 stay out of town and less concerned about any matters in society.

Currently redevelopment discussions are going in our region, but all other CHS are waiting for the new FSI to be declared in around 1 year time. But in our CHS the managing committee (MC) are in haste to do MOU with a specific builder.

1)The MC have Not called for tenders and have Not compared any builders. “If” they have published in local newspaper it we never brought to notice to me as a member.
2)The committee don’t accept letters from us. So they are Not handling any objections as well.
3) The MOU brought for discussion is Not according to redevelopment rules as the Bank Guarantee mentioned is ONLY 15 LAKHS.
4) If there is an increase in FSI, it will be shared as 50:50 by builder and society is also mentioned in MOU.
5) And many such exploiting points are in mentioned in MOU.

Sir, I want a “fair practice” to be followed in the process and adhering to rules of redevelopment for SAFETY.
I have complained against MC to registrar for ‘other issues’ but he completely ignores it always.
So I have lost faith in registrar now.

Sir what steps should I take to stop the unfair practices in redevelopment process.
Could I send them an objection letter for the redevelopment process through postal register?
But what if they don’t accept it? Could I send them legal notice through a lawyer and approach court directly?

 I C Naik

‘Redevelopment” is in transition from to “Self-redevelopment”  as you may have come across in my recent post:


Yours is an ideal example for “SELF-REDEVELOPMENT” as it is the most economical sized housing society. Your Management Committee appears to have started thinking on it quite ahead of the real need lest the crisis overpowers the management.

I suggest you take a small initiative in this:

The following link takes you to an eye opening post on  a scenario candidly painted by a highly concerned one Mr Krishnaraj in 2016.


Self-redevelopment presupposes functioning of housing society as close as possible to cooperative principles, as several critical decisions of far reaching consequences. From the present level of most housing societies merging from my experience on handling grievances in housing societies, at least three year time horizon can be assessed as the minimum to qualify most housing societies to handle Self-Redevelopment.

Do not get too worked up with the attitude of the Management Committee as it does not rest merely with the Committee to accomplish redevelopment.