Query of Shinil Nambrath

State : Maharashtra

We have received a notice from registrar on the basis of a complaint made by our ex chairman of the managing committee. The Complaint states that ” the ex chairman of the managing committee alleges that we have not shown the annual accounts of the society to him and proper disclosure is not made to him for the last 3 years “.

In this regard, please note that during the last 3 years, the ex chairman himself was the chairman of the committee and not a single AGM or Audit was conducted. After forming a new managing committee this year we have rectified the past errors by filing the pending audit report and conducting an AGM.

What I don’t understand is how can the registrar issue notice without verifying the facts of the matter. What are the options available to us to show that all this irregularities happened when he was the chairman of the committee itself.

One more question : If we don’t conduct AGM or file audit report for the 3 years, do the managing committee will get automatically dissolved ?

I request you to please suggest me some remedies.

I C Naik

Can you mail a scanned copy of Registrar’s Notice? If it is in Marathi can you translate in English. This is a funny situation. The Chairman himself has laid a trap for himself. Let us see how effective this trap can be? What is the membership strength? Strength of MC? Was the election held by SCEA?