Query of Servant Good

Our MC without taking any meeting or putting any notice had called quotation for P M C for redevelopment. Please help and guide and how to stop if it is wrong.

Mumbai Maharashtra; Gokul Accord society; Reg no BOM/GUN(3)/HSG/TC/219 of 93_94

I C Naik

Your society appears to be around 25 years old and prima-fascie redevelopment need itself may be too premature. So that ‘s an open issue.

The society may call for quotations for anything, that itself should not cause an alarm-bell for members.

The Management Committee is required to secure in principle nod of General Body Meeting (75% Majority Resolution) to go ahead with awarding Redevelopment Contract. So till such time no contract has been awarded do not worry and just have a word with other members if they have heard of any move from the Committee. Also tell 75% members need to pass a resolution approving an in principle decision of General Body Meeting.