Query of Parag Kukarni

We have a society of more than 30 buildings in Malad East Mumbai. Our building has 16 flats.our members decided to go in for repairs waterproofing and painting of building. Out of 16; 14 members approved of 1 contractor out of 3 quotations recvd. One flat is the society office and 1 flat is the Secretary of the society

Can the Secretary alone go against the wishes of 14 members citing rules?


Major Repairs are to be funded out of a Major Repair Fund. This fund is normally created by members’ contribution at rate to be decided by a majority decision of the general body meeting. Of course this has to be supported by a provision to that effect in the registered bye laws of your society.  The bye-laws should also provide creation of such fund for every building as normally for Cooperative housing societies one fund is set up for whole society.

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