Query of Mohammed K.Khan

I came across the “IFFCO” site and your credentials in “Co-Op Queries” and thought I can ask your advice as to how to solve my problem.

I have two flats adjacent to one another, 1 BHK + 2BHK of areas 555 sq. ft and 750 sq. ft in Palm Gruh CHS, Manvel Pada Road, Virar (East).

These flats were brought around 12 years ago and at that time I had the intention of staying there, and the builder advised me to go for a “Single Agreement” for both the flats.  Once the flats were ready and as the infrastructure around was not to my liking, I brought another flat in Dahisar, and gave the above two flats on rent.

Now I wish to sell them but finding it difficult to sell due to the Single Agreement.  Customers want either 1 BHK or 2 BHK, and not both together.

Can you please help me Sir, and advise me how to get separate agreemtns for each flat.  I have consulted many but each one gives different stories.

I will be very grateful if you can give me correct guidance.

I C Naik

If the original agreement gives a area of each of the flats in the agreement then you can draw up two separate agreements for transfer of your interest in the capital/property of the society based on the area of the flats. If you transfer only one part you can make an agreement for that part only. It may be advisable to look at the building plan approved by  Vasai-Virar City Municipal Corporation ???-????? ??? ????????????. Two flats may have been shown as one.  Your housing society

Should make an application to show in the Plan two flats separate as in any case that will be required by the Corporation also.

If the bifurcation per area is not shown in the agreement or plan City Survey office will have to be approached to give a bifurcation certificate as that will be an authentic document.