Query of Mayur Narkar

I own a residential flat in Dombivli Dist.- Thane State Maharashtra.

I have converted this residential flat to commercial by taking society NOC and Municipal corporations permission and also paying non residential property tax of 4500/-.

Apart from the Municipal commercial tax society is also charging me commercial charges as 1000 Rs separately

1)I want to know if society can charge arbitrary amount as commercial charge or there is any rule and procedure to calculate it.

2) If society can charge any arbitrary amount then is there any provision or maximum limit defined to these charges?

My society has 29 flats and I am the sole commercial user hence till date  the society committee has been increasing the charges with majority votes from 250 to 1000rs.

I C Naik

The levy of Society Charges are governed by the bye-laws and neither the Committee or general body meeting can charge any arbitrary amount. You therefore need to inspect (free) or obtain (costing approx 100) from your Secretary and refer to it.  If you still have an issue do write to us.

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