Query of Jitu Mishra

I Want to Know about Humara Indian Credit Co-op Society Regd Office: Mangal Jyoti , 101, 227/2, AJC Bose Road, Kolkata. Its Regd No is – MSCS/CR/594/2012, Which belong to a wing of Sahara Group? Now a days this society collect money as fix deposit & RD scheme.

Recently this society lunch a ” Golden A Double ” scheme in which Society Collect Minimum Rs. 11000./- & Committed to give Rs. 25000./- After 5year 4month to the deposited, is it possible to convert Rs.11000./- to Rs.25000/- within 5year 4month . Is this Society belongs to the guideline of RBI, SEBI, IRDA, or other government financial approval rules & regulation, if the society demolish can I refund my money? Pls give me briefly data about this Society.

I C Naik

We are not getting involved in any financial advises. So please bear with us.


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