Query of Deepa Ajgoankar

I am the current Secretary of our co-op hsg soc named Asawari here the situation is that the chairman has resigned very long back and there is no chairman presently and nobody is ready to fill the same and so sir, I am facing problems in managing our society consists of 32 members out of which 5 are proper elected committee members we have 2 wings A and B and there are lots of differences between any decision made and so I too want to resign Ihave currently completed a 2 yrs tenure so sir, I request you to pls guide me pls take it as my personal humble request sir…

I C Naik

Follow the process as per Amended Election Rules amended by State Government. The Text is attached. Also read full Rules if you wish


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  1. S.M.Kale

    Sir l kale s. Request you please guide me about following big problem. I am regional manager of Dhokeshwar multistate urban co.op society Ltd Lasalgaon dist.Nashik. l have sent deposit 84 lakh Rupees within one year 2016.but above multistate not return at the same maturity date. And customers has not hearing for few days. So I am coming very big problem. Please guide me.


    Depositors of co-operative banks/societies whose deposit moneys are not returned upon maturity are aggrieved consumers of banks/societies concerned which are categorized as service providers. Non return of matured deposit money has been held to be a deficiency in service by the District Consumer Courts. Such depositors should therefore file a complaint in the Court situated in the district where either of the bank or depositors are situated. Prepare a complaint on Rs 100 stamp paper.

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