Query of Ashish Agarwal

This is to inform you that I  am in Malad west Mumbai and I would like to understand that our Flat is a Gifted flat from In laws, here my Wife holds 55% shares, and second name is my mother in law holding 45%, I am not able to attend the Society meetings, only get to understand when Minutes comes to us.

I wish to understand can I just submit a Associate member form in the society with my wife signature holding 55% shares, or I need to get myself registered  as Third member of the flat as holding 1%, because its needs to be registered with Registrar with Court Stamp paper.

I have tried to getting Information with Advocates, even they don’t have proper knowledge, you are requested to kindly Guide the procedure, and what will be the expenses ?

I C Naik

Please let me have the Registration Number / Date of registration of your Society.