Query from Tariq Rafique

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How can an expert director be sacked in Maharashtra co-op society?

What is the role of an expert director?

I C Naik

Expert director is a new concept introduced by Parliament vide 97th Constitutional Amendment. The idea was to professionalize the management in cooperative societies. The Management Committee of a cooperative society can co opt up to two  Experts to its committee as a member who has a voting right on all matters excluding election of office bearers and election of the Committee. They give advice to the Committee and do not receive orders from anybody. They can quit at will but there is no provision in law to sack them. That does not mean they cannot be sacked. In a judgment on validity of a no-confidence motion against the Amul Dairy Chairman Vipul Chaudhary the Constitution of India ruled that in a democratic functioning a cooperative society’s office bearer can be removed by the Committee as he has been appointed by the Committee itself. So expert director can be removed by a majority decision of the Committee.