Query from Sanjay Sutradhar

My aunt is a member of a Housing Cooperative Society in Panagarh, WEST BENGAL. She wants to dispose her property(land & house). I am aware of Cooperation Dept. Order no. 2522 dt.23.6.2003 and the update of 2015 (details not known) in this regard.Even then, my query is : Is the land mine (i.e. my aunt’s) & can the Society demand any money as cost of land ( or on any other pretext like Development Fund ) from the buyer/seller during the disposal / transfer of the Property for according approval to an otherwise eligible person(would be member).What are the Acts / Sections of Co-Op. laws I can cite in my support during an arbitration.Is there any other avenue whereby the Co-Op. Society can demand any money during the transaction / transfer. How do I prepare myself for an arbitration & would request for a contact help-line number.

I shall anxiously look forward to your mail as the matter is most urgent.

I C Naik

Can you mail scanned order of  Cooperation Dept. Order no. 2522 dt.23.6.2003

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