Query from Oberoi Woods Co-op Housing Society, Mumbai

Further to the formation of new MC, one member resigned, one member has passed away, one member disqualified due to non-attendance.

How to fill these vacancies? We have enough quorum, but as certain resident members have time and can contribute, how can they be inducted?

I C Naik

CASUAL VACANCIES are to be filled as per Rule 74 extracted below:

“74. Casual vacancies.- (1) In the event of the vacancy occurring on account of death, resignation, disqualification or removal of a elected committee member of a society or through such a member becoming incapable of acting prior to the expiry of his term of office or otherwise, the committee of the society shall forthwith communicate the occurrence of such vacancies to the State Co-operation Election Authority and District Co-operation Election Officer and the vacancy shall be filled as soon as conveniently :—

(i) If half of the tenure of the committee is not expired, by way of bye-election, and the provisions of these Rules shall thereupon mutatis mutandis apply accordingly :

(ii) If the half of the tenure of the committee is expired, by the committee by way of nomination out of the same class of the members in respect of which casual vacancy has arisen in the meeting of the remaining members of the committee, which shall be presided over by an officer authorized by State Co-operation Election Authority or District Co-operation Election Officer, in this behalf.

(2) The member so elected or nominated under sub-rule (1) shall hold office so long only as the member of the committee in whose place he is elected would have held it, if the vacancy had not occurred.”

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