Query from Medha Interiors

Dear sir, I have purchased the flat from a builder who had form society on misrepresentation to the registrar. please guide me how to make a complaint.

I C Naik

Majority of  the flat purchasers should Jointly/collectively file a complaint against the Builder for deficiency of service to flat purchasers (as Consumers of Builder’s services), before the District Consumer Forum. You can write down facts attach copies of documents you have with you, and get it signed by maximum flat buyers (if not all).All should sign an authority letter in favour of 1,2,3 flat buyers to represent  them in Consumer Court. If you can not afford a lawyer it is not compulsory.

Another thing you cando it is give a copy of that to Nearest Police Station with a covering letter that the builder has cheated the flat buyers.

You also write (if not meet personally) to the Dy. Registrar to cancel the registration and make a request to take legal action against builder for misreprentation  before Government Authorities.

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