Query from Iqbal Mehmood

Solicit your kind attention :

I stay in a CHS named Palazzio CHS in Mumbai MAHARASHTRA REG NO : MUM/TNA/MHADB/HSG/(TO)/(TC)/13282/Year 2013-2014

Query : I have been allocated a stilt parking for which I already paid to society the dues . I have recently bought a new bike & just as a precaution

I prefer to park my bike also along with my car , instead of parking the bike in the normal bike stand (Which is free & not charged) .

In recently held AGM , it appears that they will not allow bikes to be parked in STILT parking , non compliance will result in fines on a daily basis.

My question is can society enforce such a rule , wherein I have not encroached any place which is not rightfully allocated to me ?

Kindly help me understand in the light of society laws / bye laws – what are my rights ?

Thanking you in anticipation

I C Naik

Bye-law No. 78(a) .” The Society shall in the General Body meeting frame and adopt Parking Rules to regulate the Parking slots, in accordance with the Act and Rules there under”

Bye-law No. 84. Every Member, having a scooter, a motor cycle, or an auto-rickshaw shall obtain prior permission of the Committee for parking his vehicle in the compound of  the Society and pay the charges fixed by the General Body of the Society at its meeting.

You said two wheeler Parking charges area “Zero”

If your parking two wheeler in your bought out parking space means one more two wheeler can be accommodated in open space.

Write to the Committee for a permission to park two wheeler in stilt bought  by you with a reservation that when you change your mind tp park in the compound outside stilt you will not be stopped from using an open space in the compound.

Before writing check if the stilt parking allotment was authrised on paper. If so read the terms of allocation.

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