Query from Baiju Kurien Mathew

I’m a voracious reader to all your valuable guidance on running a society as per the MCS rules etc.

I’ve a unique question and a problem in my Society which one or two members whose wife is an house wife runs ‘”tuition class'” totally to approximately ‘”70 in batches'” and thereby causing disturbance in the building.

Their spouse is a Government employee too. Can such acts be allowed in a society? And if not what are the steps needed to be done by the Managing Committee. Your kind words of wisdom will be appreciated..

I C Naik

I am pleased to note that Baiju Kumar is a voracious reader. As out intention is to be of helping cooperators to find solutions to their problems by themselves we provide authentic responses backed by legal provisions and not just mentioning In “my Opinion”  I could lay my hands on right pages of law, thanks to hundreds of readers like you who provides an opportunity by asking questions. I do not treat them as my client like what lawyers do because there is no cost to my guidance. So do keep asking. Our inspiration will go up further, if the members who could solve their problems write their stories as to how they did.

If you hit Search with “Tuition classes” on www.indiancooperative.com you will find almost a dozen stories on the subject. Read them and see whh one fits in.

Do write back if none fitted in to your situation.

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