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Our society is in Mumbai, Maharashtra. There has been no elections to the managing committee in our society for many many years now. There are two wings to our society building and two separate committees have been conducting the affairs of the respective wings.

I have written several letters requesting for elections but they have not cared to attend to them, neither have they cared to reply.

I understand that there can be only one managing committee for a society, I have informed them of the rule and have also sent them the copies of Model Bye-Laws of CHS – 2014. They have kept silence.

What shall I do? Be kind to guide me.

I C Naik

Please provide me following info.

  1. Date of Registration of the society and Reg. No
  2. Date of Provisional Meeting (with in 3 months as per Section 73(1A).
  3. No of members of  appointed Provisional Committee( to manage the society Interim for 12 months maximum)
  4. Number of members in each of both the Wings.
  5. Number of members of managing committee of both the wings

Dates of 1st Annual General  Meetings of both (if held)

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  1. Bhagavandas Shetty

    please adv me how the major repair cost to the CHS to be shared among members. Is it on the basis of area (PSF) of the each flat or sharing the total cost equally by the members of the CHS ?

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