CHS: Sai Sarita in great trouble

Roshni, Mira road

I request your number as we are in great trouble and there is no one to guide us. Inhuman treatment is is being met out by the by registrar. The high-handedness of a lady advocate who has joined hands with the regi is too much for us common residents as we are troubled every day.

Please help me with ur number where I can talk you and seek your guidance.

I C Naik

Problems are there in every CHS and solution is to be found with the help of other members of the CHS. Any outside help is of little importance. If a specific issue is presented may be some options can be suggested but deciding on right course is best done by members collectively.

The Department of the Cooperative Societies especially in case of Housing Societies (being no profit business) prefers to be passive onlookers. So please put down through this channel a specific difficulty and we assure you quick guidance to our best.


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