Selling surplus flats to cronies!

Jaising Bhor

Elections were held in the July 2009 resulting into 11 members getting elected unopposed. High-handedness was apparent in the election process.

AGM was held by the newly elected members on 10/8/2009 and the Chairman put resolution in the house to auction six surplus flats on the tender basis to the needy members of the society. The resolution was passed unanimously fixing the auction price Rs.25 lakh each flat. Other issues were listed on the Agenda were sidelined.

Unfortunately Draft minutes were not prepared for the already passed-resolution. When members enquired, MC members replied irrelevantly.

Question arose in the minds of the Society members as to what happened to those flats in actuality- to whom were these allotted and at what cost?

In an effort to suppress the voice of the Members of the society, MC has gone to the extreme stage of lodging false police complaints. It also filed criminal case against some Resident members who asked for the Information about the Development Agreement with society & developer as well as accounts details under the RTI.

Meanwhile, we also came to know from the Assistant Registrar of the Society that M20 Bond has not been filed by Management Committee within 15 days after taking charge of the Society office in 2009.

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