NAFED: Neither MD nor Chairman can save you

nafedThis piece was sent to us by Vijay Domadia on the conduct of officials at NAFED. Though it was sent as a cooperative query, the desk found it to be a fit case for cooperative complaint-Editor

Vijay Domadia

Readers should note that the matter pertains to Vinay Industries Ltd, one of the export houses for export of Groundnut oil which purchased Groundnut from Nafed Ahmedabad and Sriganganagar Branch in bulk quantity about 11000 Mts and 15000 Mts from SFAC in current year.Now Domadia writes freshly…

Thanks for your reply and guidance. But sir we don’t know how to go about conducting legal proceedings, as per NAFED Business law manual if any dispute arises it has to go through Arbitration and the Arbitrator is generally the Managing director or anybody whom he appoints.

Managing Director knows about our case but he has passed our file to executive director. We met personally to ED & GM and we have made many requests and presented our case but ED & GM are not ready to listen.

They were very rude with us and at last they said no one can save you, not even MD or Chairman. This is the arrogance of cooperative officials. We are deeply pained.

Also from the field we have gathered that extension of time period for deposit of payment has been granted by NAFED Ahmadabad to other buyers. Why this partiality with us?

So can you help us on our following demand

1) How to go legally against NAFED?

2)  How to go in Arbitration procedure

3) Can you suggest best lawyer of Arbitration

4) Which is best way to recover our loss?

Awaiting for your reply

I C Naik replies

This is a matter of a civil suit for breach of contract and a lawyer in practice need to file a suit in local court. Such matters are low priority and plaintiff has to be prepared for a long wait, unfortunately.

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