CHS: Office-bearers don’t provide papers

Vinayak Mahamunkar.


It is seen from the Bye Laws of the Cooperative Housing Societies that in Bye Laws No.172 it is stated that the society should provide the copies of the documents mentioned in bye-laws.

In majority of cases the Office Bearers of the Housing society are not providing the documents to the members on the payment of charges as mentioned in the bye-laws.

The members have no option but to approach the Dy.Registrar of the concerned wards. On many occasions Dy.Registrar of the co-operative Societies gives orders to the office bearers of the society to supply the copies of documents to the members, even though the society is not providing the copies of documents. Reasons are best known to them.

My question is, if the office bearers are disobey the orders of the Dy.Registrar, whether there is any provision in the Maharashtra Co-operative Societies Act, 1960, Maharashtra Cooperative Societies Rules 1961 to penalize the office bearers for disobeying the orders of the Dy.Registrar or it will be treated as disqualification for the election who are responsible for the same?

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