UP: Dairy co-op officials to meet Yogi

It is not only co-op banks or PCF but also the dairy cooperative which has suffered a lot in the Yadav regime. Parag is a brand older than Amul but was ignored by the state govt which supported private dairy company at its cost, claim its officials.

Now officials of milk brand Parag intend meeting chief minister Yogi Adityanath to draw his attention to the crisis the state owned dairy is facing. They are quoted as saying Parag is endangered because the state govt has allowed nearly half a dozen private players in the market.

Unlike Bihar, where no other milk brand is allowed in the market apart from the state-owned Sudha, or Amul in Gujarat, Parag has existed since the British period and is older than Amul.

Parag’s milk sale has come down in the last five years from 4 lakh litres to just 2 lakh litres per day.

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    I suggest to draw attention of the CM Yogi Adityanath to a Post in Times OI India by Kirit Parikh

    It is an excellent prognosis of cow meat ban. Those who are for it must do an introspection and give higher preference to National interests over any religious beliefs. India is Secular Nation meaning India as a nation has no religion, her subjects have many choices

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