Sunil welcomes Kribhco MD in Patna

For a change Biscomaun Chairman received the top honchos of fertilizer cooperative Kribhco in Patna and treated them with warm Bihari hospitality at his home in Patna. The Kribhco team- Managing Director Sambasiva Rao and Marketing Director V S Sirohi had come to attend a Zonal meeting in Patna.

There were several cooperators including Ramesh Chaubey and Gopal Giri, among others who were present to welcome the visiting guests. It bears recall that Sunil, who sells IFFCO’s urea is a Director on Kribhco Board. “ It was a courtesy call as since I am a Kribhco Director, MD and Marketing Director of Kribhco thought it fit to visit me; I was so happy to receive them”, said Sunil.

The issue of fertilizer also came up in the informal chat, said Sunil. Bihar is not a location for Kribhco urea but I promised them to sell Kribhco seeds which are rated very high in the national as well as international market, Biscomaun Chairman added. From next year you can buy these seeds from our sale counter, he stressed.

Reiterating his commitment to IFFCO yet again Biscomaun Chairman said that to sell any other urea we would first seek a no-objection clearance from IFFCO. It bears recall that Biscomaun has been applauded across the board for preventing black-marketing of urea in the state.