Southward Ho: Amul to take on HUL

With Hindustan Unilever (HUL) announcing its takeover of ‘Adityaa Milk’ ice cream and frozen desserts business, there are reports that GCMMF the Gujarat milk cooperative would go into overdrive further establishing its ice-cream business in the south, reports Business Standard.

GCMMF MD R.S.Sodhi, said the cooperative would use the latest technology in order to bolster its presence in the Southern market. GCMMF has dairy plants in Bengaluru, Pondicherry, and Bellary in Karnataka.

Amul which generally targets premium ice creams in the south has been giving its rivals a run for their money. Those keeping tabs on the ice-cream market say Amul remains a leader in the field and its rivals would find it difficult to outshine Amul.


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