Simplify paper work for loans: Delegates

Several delegates who had come to participate in the workshop jointly organized by NCDC and NCUI wanted the loan procedure to be made simpler. Majority of members are uneducated and simplification of the process would go a long way in solving their problems, they felt.

Asked to express her expectations from the Workshop, one of the participants from Patna Archana Singh said we do not expect you to do away with necessary precautions but you should also keep the literacy thing in mind while dealing with them.

She also said any organizations including woman cooperatives do not earn profit every time. “Please do not tick them off; give them a chance as many times the vagaries of weather are behind their sorry state of affairs”, she underlined.

Another delegate Kamla Rai from Sikkim said ” she had not heard of NCDC or NCUI till recently. Our members are almost illiterate and we do not know about various govt schemes. I thank you all for allowing me- a member of very small co-op to speak on the occasion”.

”We are a small group and running across offices to get benefits is not possible. Also, work cannot be done at office in a day and if we run for months together our cooperatives would close down”, she said striking a chord with the participants.

Delegates profusely thanked NCDC and NCUI in general and NCDC MD Vasudha Mishra in particular for their initiative. They appreciated Mrs Mishra’s relentless efforts to reach out to the woman cooperators and help them solve their issues.

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