NSRICM, Kalyani conducts business devpt training

A three day training programme on Business Development Planning (BDP) for DCEI’s of West Bengal State Cooperative Union was held at N.S.R.I.C.M, Kalyani under the sponsorship of West Bengal State Cooperative Union.

Eighteen District cooperative instructors attended the programme.

Director [I/C] Dr. I. A. Khan and Course Director inaugurated the event. In his remarks he underlined the importance of developing the grassroots Cooperatives through DCEI of WBSCU.

Other speakers on the occasion explained the purpose that prompted the effort to train the trainers of CCMs.

There were four sessions in all and these were devoted to discussing topics regarding business development, various concepts and principles of management of cooperatives, history of cooperatives in West Bengal, BDP of fisheries cooperatives, BDP of marketing cooperatives, horticulture cooperatives, tourism cooperatives and several such topics.

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