DPT compares Awasthi with Russi Mody

DPT as he is called by his friends is a member of elite Lutyan’s club. Devi Prasad Tripathy is his full name. DPT created sensation by comparing IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi to famed Russi Mody of Tata Steels.

The occasion was 7th IFFCO’s Shri Lal Shukla Memorial Sahitya Samman that took place at NCUI auditorium in Delhi on Wednesday. The Award was given to Ramdev Dhurandhar a Hindi novelist from Mauritius in the presence of co-operators and litterateurs including Giriraj Kishor, Nityanand Tiwary, DP Tripathy, among others.

 Speaking on the occasion Tripathy said “It was 2008 when I was sitting with some prominent men including journalists when I declared that the next best thing to happen in India after Russi Mody is Dr U S Awasthi”. Tripathy’s words attracted a thunderous applause from a supportive audience.

Russi Mody, was the kind of person whose legends do the rounds of Tata Steel’s corridors, two decades after he retired. His larger than life persona was amply complemented by his keen interest in art and sports.

 Underling the fact that the IFFCO’s growth under Awasthi’s stewardship in these 10 years proves his words, Tripathy said IFFCO is ever anxious to coach farmers into latest techniques and that makes it one of the best organizations not only in India but also in the world.

Tripathy called IFFCO one of the sterling co-ops in the world for its commitment towards farmers and Awasthi the best MD India could boast of today.

Tripathy also spoke exhaustively in the Award ceremony on Sri Lal Shukla sharing his early years’ memory of him. Using his surname “Kishor” Tripathy called Giriraj Kishor-the well-known writer as an evergreen writer who refuses to age-triggering mirth amidst audience.

A JNU graduate, DPT does not fall into a single slot. A hard-boiled politician, a writer or a maverick- you can have your definition of the man depending on how do you want to see him. DPT has been a member of lofty Lutyan club which is struggling these days to remain relevant under Modi era.

Till recently DPT was a force to reckon with, recall his friends. Even his adversaries acknowledged his intellectual prowess, confesses others.

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