Cooperators thank IFFCO for re-union

As young and old cooperators beamed at seeing each other after years at Delhi Airport enroute to Ahmedabad on Thursday they thanked IFFCO profusely for making such a reunion possible.

It bears recall that Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative IFFCO is readying to organize a high voltage function slated for 3rd November 2017 on the occasion of its golden jubilee. Delegates from across the country have begun pouring in to become part of the grand event.

When Indian Cooperative correspondent was at Airport, he saw several cooperators already waiting for the Ahmedabad bound flight. “Cooperators were seen shaking hands with each other and thanking IFFCO”.

It is being reported that more than 1000 delegates across India would take part in the function. Some foreign participants are also attending the event.

Some of the cooperators seen at the Airport included Jagdeep Singh Nakai, son of IFFCO Chairman Balvindra Nakai and a politician of Akali Dal in his own right, FAI Director General Satish Chandra, the famous IFFCO’s former Cooperative Relations Director G.N.Saxena, NACOF Chairman Ram Iqbal Singh, to name only a few.

While taking to Indian Cooperative several delegates said “3rd November 2017 will be a historic day in the history of the cooperative movement as IFFCO’s Golden Jubilee valedictory function will be held in Kalol, Gujarat.

Readers would recall that IFFCO MD Dr U S Awasthi visited 125 destinations across India and met more than 4 crore farmers in his farmers connect campaign. According to his latest tweet he travelled 1.36 lakh kilometers during his year long journey.

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