Co-op Day: NCUI President’s message

Dear cooperators

On the occasion of International Cooperative Day to be celebrated on first Saturday of July i.e. 7th July 2018, I extend hearty greetings to the cooperative fraternity and other stakeholders. To commemorate the day, there is a need to create awareness among the masses about the contribution of cooperatives towards socio-economic transformation of people in the country. All efforts is to be made by the cooperatives to reach every “nook and corner’ to enable the common people know about the importance of the cooperatives model of development.

Cooperatives have great relevance in the society, as the Institutions have an inherent mechanism for ensuring equitable distribution of benefits among the members. Livelihood of nearly half of the world population has been secured by the cooperative enterprises in different sector of the economy. The National Cooperative Union of India (NCUI) is committed for ‘Capacity Building’ of the member of cooperatives to ensure that it truly becomes an alternate sustainable business model towards building up sustainable and resilient societies.

The theme of this year celebration “Responsible Consumption & Production of Goods and Services’ highlight the Goal No. 12 of the Seventeen Sustainable Development Goals to create awareness among the people for better understanding of the environmental and social impacts of products and services within our lifestyle. Cooperatives with its vast network and reach to the last man of the society, can educate and create awareness among the people to ‘reduce the waste’ and ‘be thoughtful about the purchase of any material’ and wherever feasible choose the sustainable option.

I take this opportunity to urge the Cooperators to work closely with other actors of the economy to build ‘partnership’ & ‘strengthen the network with all stakeholders’ for better services to the people as well as wider coverage of the society.

(Dr. Chandra Pal Singh Yadav, M.P)


National Cooperative Union of India 

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